Christmas music in Chi-town

My band Thornfield has been gigging the second Saturday of every month at CityGrounds coffee bar, but we’re taking a lil’ break this month because of multiple other musical commitments, including a wedding! More about that soon–especially because we’ll be singing the Electric Slide. Well–Carrie will be singing, and I’ll be tambourine-ing and occasionally shouting “It’s electric!” Yup.

However! Even though we’re shirking our duties, there’s still lots of great music happening in Chicago this holiday season . . . yes, even without us. Unbelievable, I know.

One of them is a cello ensemble concert. Our friend Jon Lin, a cellist who joined our last Thornfield gig, also belongs to a cello ensemble (there’a whole whoopload of cellos! Oh glory). There are two performances (December 3rd at 7pm–that would be tomorrow!–or December 7th at 8pm), so if you’re in town, check it out! Here’s the facebook event page, and for the record, we’ll be there for the Wednesday concert.

The other concert I wanted to mention is Christmas on the Town, which is Friday the 9th starting at 8pm (here’s the facebook event page with the details).

What is Christmas on the Town, you ask?

Well, it’s our church’s Christmas concert extraordinaire. And it is extraordinaire. This is no tiny choir of elderly ladies with poofy white hair and gently wavering voices singing “Away in a Manger”–no offense to any aging ladies with wavering voices. Our church has many professional musicians in its fold, so the concert is of the blow-your-socks-off variety. This year it’s in Hyde Park, and there will be a choir, an orchestra, Christmas favorites and original compositions.

Seriously–it’s an amazing event. Here’s a lil’ video of a song Carrie did at last year’s concert, for your enjoyment!

Live music . . . Christmas cheer . . . Carrie’s angelic voice . . . do you need any more reasons to come on out??

16 thoughts on “Christmas music in Chi-town

  1. Kimby

    Jenna, after listening to that simply wonderful song, you made me want to break out the chiffon gown and diamonds! (Not like I own any…) It reminded me of the “club scene” in old movies where the men are dressed in tuxes and the women “float” across the dance floor as the singer croons. Ahhhh. Definitely some good things happenin’ in Chi-town this season!

    P.S. Loved the repartee in yesterday’s comment section!

    1. Jenna Post author

      I enjoyed the back-and-forth yesterday too! (thanks for being the first to comment!) And yes–chiffon and diamonds. I just listened to the song again just so that I could envision that old movie club scene.

      1. Jenna Post author

        Or was it the Jingle Bell Rock? Or maybe both? Yikes–I can’t remember! Thankfully we’re rehearsing again tomorrow and all things will become clear.

  2. Suzie

    I love Christmas music too. Carrie has a great voice and it sounds like your church puts on quite the performance 🙂
    Where I live, there is a depot station in town. It gets decorated for Christmas and they play Christmas music 24/7. They are gearing up for the arrival of the Christmas train. Every day after work I drive by slowly with my window cracked open, it always puts a smile on my face!

  3. Carrie

    Yay, Christmas music!!! I’ll try to wear clothing that fits properly, next Thornfield gig… 🙂 Thanks again for catching that song on video, Jenna! Would you mind if I set up the camera near you again next Friday? This time with tripod so you have nothing to do but press the red button. 😉 We would love to have recordings of the song I’m singing and Eric’s arrangement that the choir is doing. No pressure, as always. Never want to take you and your button-pressing/cam-cording/vide(xtra)o(rdinaire) skillz for granted! (Or get in the way of a date night with Adam!)


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