Off on retreat!

It’s the weekend, and I’m off to our church’s women’s retreat! The theme for this year is “Consider your ways,” and the registration form introduces the topic by asking “Are you overwhelmed by the multitude of responsibilities you bear?  Do you ever feel a sense of emptiness in your daily routines?  Come away for a weekend of fellowship, challenge, and encouragement.” I can’t wait to soak up the wisdom and compassion and stories of both the speaker and all the women there.

These retreats happen approximately every 18 months. Women from all four congregations of our church gather for a weekend of teaching, sharing, music, fellowship, and bonding. I love women’s retreat! I love the late night talks. I love sharing a room and feeling like it’s one big sleepover. I love the shared car rides there and back.

Tell us how you really feel,” you may ask.

Or you may not–but I’ll show you anyway:


I wish I could magically transport you all there with me.

14 thoughts on “Off on retreat!

  1. Sarah K.

    Haha! It’s good to have a heads up about what to expect in the car ride this afternoon! You totally crack me up. I can’t wait for this weekend!

  2. Kimby

    Talk about a thought provoking topic — sounds like an amazing weekend ahead, Jenna, and I hope you enjoy every minute of it! Oh wait. You already are! :)

  3. Veronica Miller

    How awesome! I’m so happy for you. I know you will have a blast and can’t wait to hear about it. P.S. You are such a rock star in those pics! lol! P.S.S. Wheeeeeeee! the “notify me of follow-up comments” button is back. THANK YOU!!! <3

    1. Jenna Post author

      I’m actually leaving for the retreat in 15 minutes–wheeee! Anyway, let me know if the notification of follow up comments works now . . . or doesn’t work . . . my testing has had inconclusive results. =)

      1. Veronica Miller

        No workie! Below this box it says I need to confirm my subscription…the only problem is I didn’t get the email to confirm it. Check my spam folder too. Don’t worry about it now–go have fun!

  4. Ruth S

    I’d love to hear about your retreat when you’re back. I’m interested to find out more.
    Hope you have a great time – from those photos, it looks like you will, whatever!


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