Lil' Mama

Happy birthday lil’ Mama!

So young you are, yet so wise. {said in Yoda voice}

I loved you when we were munchkins and you were my roly poly baby sister . . .

. . . and I love you now that we’re peers. Best of friends.

I even loved you when you were a tube of toothpaste.

Though that sandwich thing . . .

. . . it wasn’t your best of looks. I think we can safely say it’s been uphill on the fashion front for you ever since.

Happiest of days, sweet thing!

13 thoughts on “Lil' Mama

  1. Asmara

    Que bonito Jenna!!!!tus hermanas no tienen que caber en si mismas de orgullo al ver estos homenajes tan fantasticos que haces.Besos

  2. Heidi

    Thank you so much, Jenna! I’m so honored 🙂
    I love that we can be such good friends as sisters… and I love that all three of us are able to be a part of this amazing bond God has given us! There’s nothing else like it!
    And thanks to everyone else for the birthday wishes too!

  3. Skippymom

    Happy Birthday Heidi. I don’t know what your sister is talking about. You make a very attractive sandwich. But, what, may I ask is perched on your head? heehee

    You and baby James are so cute. Hope you enjoy your day.

  4. Veronica Miller

    Your sisters birthday are so close together! We have a lot in common, you know. We both have two younger sisters, and their birthdays are both close. Beyond that, we’re both married Christian women with no children (yet) that love food! Rock on, my sister. 🙂 Both my sisters were born in December, as is my hubby, so December is a VERY busy month for us with lots of cake! Happy birthday to your youngest! LOL @ her halloween costumes. 🙂


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