Monthly Archives: September 2011

Amie's photo shoot

Last week I had the privilege of photographing Amie, a Pilates intructor and dancer extraordinaire. She needed some head shots that could go on the websites of various businesses she works with, so she asked me to take some pictures.

I loved photographing her–and it didn’t hurt that she is a stunning woman. Nope–didn’t hurt one bit.

I tried to get some different angles and some different expressions so that she had different feels to choose from. Serious and professional (and gorgeous) . . .

. . . or happy and carefree (and still gorgeous).

We met at Hollywood Beach, right next to my apartment, and the lighting was perfect. Cloudy skies but no rain–in my opinion, a portrait photographer’s dream. No harsh shadows to deal with–just a bright, soft light and a neutral sky.

Perfect for complementing Amie’s already beautiful skin.

During the shoot, an older man and his wife stopped to watch us, and he challenged me with utmost authority, barking “Hey! Where’s your light?”, and explaining that I couldn’t have chosen worse light to work with.

I, of course, politely begged to differ. I think of it this way: the clouds act like a big diffuser thingy in the sky.

If he could see these shots, I think he would see the error of his ways.

What is your favorite kind of light for photography?

From the recesses of the freezer . . .

Guess what my husband had for dessert the other night?

He’s been steadily consuming these for quite a long time . . .

Yep, it’s those delicous No-Bake Peanut Butter Cup Bars.

And yes, these would be the ones I posted about in May but made in April–the self-same batch.

Remember how I said that they keep forever in the freezer, and they’re great because dessert is always on hand?

Well, I spoke the truth. These are no worse for the wear.

They even survived the freezer purging that my husband did last month (with the strict provision that he would have a 100% free hand and that I would not interfere–I was more than glad to comply). Check out our current situation!

So much better than the many months of battling for ice cream space, chronicled here and here

If you haven’t made these delightful bars, I highly recommend them.

When there’s no fresh dessert around and someone gets a sweet tooth attack, these could very possibly save the day.