Automated Robot Jenna


My name is Automated Robot Jenna.

As you all know, the real Jenna is neglecting her blog duties during her vacation. I have been programmed to tell you the following:

Jenna really likes you all.

She thinks you’re groovy.

She loves reading your blogs.

She’ll be back soon.

In the meantime, please to make this Poppy Seed Bread:

Please to send Automated Robot Jenna a slice.


That’s robot speak for: goodbye, my human friends.

10 thoughts on “Automated Robot Jenna

  1. 4littlefergusons

    Sqexreouw! (Hello) Robot Jenna, your side ponytail is super adorable! Tell REAL Jenna to enjoy her vaca.
    So, seeing as how you are so bored now that this blog post is done, can you come over and clean my house? Oh, and babysit my 4 children so I can go get groceries? I’ll feed you some Club House Chicken Squares for your trouble…..they are yum-my! :)

  2. Veronica

    Doncha love the ability to schedule your blogs so they post when you’re not at a computer? I hope you’re having tons of fun. I will def be baking, but it’s for the fair and that bread isn’t on my to-do list. I will add it for my post-fair baking.


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