Getaway click-through

You thought you had seen the last of Joe and Steph’s wedding pictures . . . but I had a few left that I wanted to keep together. So this is not just the last batch but the for real last batch. For real.

Plus this one, which somehow slipped through the cracks the other day.

I’ve never seen a more enthusiastically joyful bride, and this picture illustrates the level of energy that she carried throughout the entire day. And into the night as we danced under that hot tent.

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, here is a succession of pictures showing the lovely Steph and the dashing Joe scampering off to their getaway boat as we all launched tiny plastic beach balls at them. Please watch the kid in the green shirt carefully as he scores a nice hit at the end. My hopes are that if you click as fast as you can, it will seem like a video . . . maybe?

Have a great weekend everyone!

7 thoughts on “Getaway click-through

  1. okielicious

    Thanks for the suggestion to “click fast” — it was like thumbing through one of those little sketch books that become animated when you flip the pages. You’re great fun, Jenna!
    P.S. The photo of the bride shielding her head with her bouquet and the groom laughing uproariously is destined to be a classic. (And I loved how the little guy turned and RAN after he realized he scored a “hit.”) :)

  2. Veronica

    I was going to mention how joyful she seemed in the pics I saw yesterday! I could definitely tell how happy she was and my favorite pictures were the ones that showcased her smile. She made every picture that she graced into a piece of art. Your picture is so cool how it can take so many so fast that it’s like a watching a vid if you click fast enough.

    1. Jenna

      Ever since last year, I’ve kept it set on continuous shutter release, so if I press down, it will keep clicking until I stop pressing. It’s really useful for capturing action sequences like this, or for getting just the right expression on a kid whose face is constantly in motion.

  3. Joanne

    Ooo I love that idea of throwing beach balls instead of nuts or whatever it is that they tell you to throw these days! She really is such a joyful bride. Love.

  4. Sherri

    The bride and groom making an escape through all those little beach balls. Too funny…. What a good idea!


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