Love is Home

We have high hopes of doing a ‘real’ (i.e. non-GarageBand) recording at some point soon-ish, but in the meantime check out this new recording from our last gig at CityGrounds.

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Words by George MacDonald, music by Eric Pazdziora, performance by Thornfield (Eric on the piano and singing harmony, Carrie on lead vocals, me on harmony and a little guitar). Enjoy!

Love is Home

Love is the part, and love is the whole;
Love is the robe, and love is the pall;
Ruler of heart and mind and soul,
Love is the lord and the slave of all!
I thank thee, Love, that thou lov’st me;
I thank thee more that I love thee.

Love is the sun, and love is the sea;
Love is the tide that comes and goes;
Flowing and flowing it comes to me;
Ebbing and ebbing to thee it flows!
Oh my sun, and my wind, and tide!
My sea, and my shore, and all beside!

Love is the rain, and love is the air,
Love is the earth that holdeth fast;
Love is the root that is buried there,
Love is the open flower at last!
I thank thee, Love all round about,
That the eyes of my love are looking out.

8 thoughts on “Love is Home

  1. Veronica

    Do you guys finish a song like that and giggle like mad because it’s sounds so incredible?! I LOVE IT. I can’t even fathom how you can create and perform such catching, original music. So beatuiful!

  2. Twinky

    The full-blown harmony and energy of the middle verse was a delighful “surprise” that also kept me guessing about how the song would continue and finish, and whether I would get to hear that portion again. “Leave ’em wanting more” is a good piece of advice in the performing world, coupled with enough satisfaction that the listener doesn’t get too frustrated either.Great job.


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