BYOB Pedicure

For my birthday a couple weeks ago, my friend Carrie took me to Arbre Nail Spa to get my first pedicure ever.

I know . . . 28 years old and not a single pedicure. I’ve also never had a manicure–not even for my wedding–I know some of you are shivering in horror. Don’t try to hide it.

It was BYOB–Bring Your Own Birthdaygirl. So Carrie brought me! Thanks Carrie.

Oh, and you can also bring some of this stuff:

White, girly, delicious wine.

In the spirit of documenting the experience, I started with a picture of my feet pre-pedicure.

I know that some people out there have a thing about feet. They don’t like ’em. They don’t like to look at ’em. They get uneasy when people start taking off their footwear. If that’s you: you certainly do not want to keep scrolling down. Because it’s all about the feet today.

My callouses were a little out of control, as you can see in this unflattering close up.

That’s one uuuugly sole right there.

We carefully chose our colors. Here’s the old red color on Carrie’s toes:

Yes, I think this new shade will look fab, girlfriend.

After waiting for two seats to free up next to each other, Carrie and I adjourned to the little foot-soaking station. The chairs vibrated and massaged you with little rollers. There’s even a personal remote control for your chair! Man, the things I’ve been missing.

Soaking, scrubbing, buffing, lotioning–it all felt great. I even got a calf massage–it was fierce, painful, and wonderful all at once.

Carrie looked like she was in severe pain for about half of her pedicure. Then it turned out that she’s just severely ticklish.

Conclusion: I loved it. However, I can’t get addicted to it because it costs something known as ‘money,’ ‘green ones,’ or ‘hard cash.’

The results were lovely, though. My feet have never been more beautiful. Of course, you can’t tell because this picture turned out dark and weird-looking.

No, I didn’t paint my toenails black. It’s a deep, gorgeous red. But the lighting at the back of the spa was all wrong.

Callouses = no longer terrifying.

I’m thinking once per year should be enough to keep me feeling appropriately decadent.

19 thoughts on “BYOB Pedicure

  1. alongtheohio

    Ooooh what a great birthday gift! And I really can’t believe you went 28yrs before having one! They really do make you feel fantastic and girly…and the wine was a nice touch 😉 Glad you had fun!

  2. Jenny @ Words On Wendhurst

    I think one pedicure at the beginning of every summer would be the perfect way to start off the warm months! Unfortunately I can’t get professional pedicures because my feet are SO DARN TICKLISH! 🙂 It’s like torture. 🙂

  3. Tara Savage

    Glad you had a great birthday!!!! That spa looks so relaxing. 28 years…that is definitely impressive, however your blog has inspired me to get a mani pedi for the first time in about 5 years hehe

  4. Megan @Wanna Be A Country Cleaver

    I’m terribly ticklish – but the results far outweigh the giggles, wiggles and near kicking of the technician in the face because I can’t NOT squirm when me feet are touched. I tip them well for their trouble. hahah These have to be a quarterly treat, they just make you want to wear open toed shoes all the time!

  5. Vicki DeArmeyv

    Pedi, mani’s are one of my favorite things. I am going for my first one for this summer tomorrow and can hardly wait. I love them, like I love massages, and having my hair done…I love to be pampered. Madrid, here I come with my lovely manicured feet!!
    BTW, your feet look great!!

  6. Veronica

    Aw, what a sweet friend you have! The last pedicure I had was when my own friend brought me to the nail salon for my own birthday…five years ago! I can’t get addicted either b/c I can’t see paying for something I can do myself, though it is nice to be pampered. P.S. I want to see your toes in natural light, and I want to see Carrie’s polished feet too! Obviously I’m not one easily wigged out by feet, although it has been known to happen when the feet are uber scary.

  7. Julie M.

    I have only ever had one pedicure as well and I think I was even a bit older than you! It was worth every penny though. Your toes look positively beautiful!

  8. Sarah A. Conley

    Yay! I just had a pedicure yesterday and they do make you feel wonderful! I also completely relate to Carrie, I was bitting my lip at one point because I am also very ticklish!

  9. Connie

    I had my very first pedicure/manicure on Friday. I loved it. What a wonderful experience. My daughter had told me I needed to get one and was going to give me one for Mother’s Day but we never did. WOW! I highly recommend you all need to try it if you haven’t had one.

    1. Connie

      By the way. I am 59…that is a lot of years I have wasted in not having this experience.

    2. Jenna Post author

      Connie, that’s fantastic! Isn’t it such a luxurious experience? Now that it’s been over a year since my one and only pedicure, it may be time to book another one.

  10. Bj

    Haha even though I’m a guy I to just recently got my first pedi 🙂 awesome stuff, happy birthday! So did it tickle you like it did your friend? Lol she sounds priceless to watch! Next time ya ‘ll go u should video her

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