A remedy for the blues

I had this picture on my sidebar for-e-ver because it brought me so much joy when I logged in to my blog in the morning and caught a glimpse of those cheeks. Then I took it off my sidebar and wept for about a week.

If you’re feeling blue, please look at this picture.

How bad can things be?

Not so bad, I say, with a face like that in the world.

I predict that this picture will reduce the future therapy bills in my life by 95%. I hope it does the same for you.

12 thoughts on “A remedy for the blues

  1. Laura Livingston

    Totally agree. In fact, I think these cheeks have great potential not only as a remedy. They should probably be used as part of a standard, on-going, blues-prevention program.

  2. NanaBread

    Anyone who doesn’t smile at that little cutie patootie is a scrooge. SCROOGE, I TELL YA! I just want to pick him up and play with him all day. Making a baby laugh is good for the soul.

  3. skippymom

    Oh, can’t you put up both pictures on your sidebar. I like the new one, but c’mon – he is the adorable of the world. He needs to stay.

    Don’t make me start a petition. ;D

  4. Joanne

    I can feel my stress level decreasing by the millisecond! I too love that picture. Someone should show it at really stressful UN meetings or peace talks. I feel like they would then be much more amenable to compromise.


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