A call to deliciousness

So in my post on Monday I made brief mention of a killer dish called Chili-Cheese Etoufée (a.k.a. Oh Ye Cajun Pot of Goodness), a recipe that I shared with you all last August. But then I remembered that for reasons beyond of my control at the time (ehem, ehem) the featured picture at the top of the recipe didn’t look appetizing at all. I mean–who would possibly want to make this dish when this was the picture introducing it?

Not I, said the chicken. Not I, said the cow. Not I, said the bunny rabbit.

You see my point.

Last night we hosted the bi-weekly Bible study that we belong to, and I seized that as my opportunity to cook up a cauldron of this stuff and take a better picture of the finished product. Oh, and to feed people that I love. That too.

So here are some updated photographs.

A little more appealing, eh?

Let it be known: this is the perfect dish to serve a large crowd of people. As long as they’re not lactose-intolerant, gluten-intolerant, vegetarians, or vegans–then I guess it’s not so great.

But the point is, the flavors are very crowd-friendly and (I think) very kid-friendly. Note to self: must have children asap to test this theory.

Plus, though loaded with cheese and heavy cream, any negative health effects derived from these components are neatly counteracted by the hefty amount of veggies.*

*Not factual information–I’m just making it up as I go.

Bell peppers, an onion, celery, garlic. Mmmm.

Have a great weekend, people, and for the sake of your own happiness please make this recipe. It’s so good that you will probably be moved to send me cookies as a thank you for sharing it. Note to self: prepare cookie jar and cookie receiving log for massive intake of cookie shipments.

19 thoughts on “A call to deliciousness

  1. Veronica

    I liked the first pic! You obviously need to browse through my picture folder to get an idea of what unappetizing means. 😉 Good idea updating your pictures when you can. I try to as well, but often use the excuse that a picture, albeit sub-par, is already in place so I can just dig in with abandon. I hate stopping to snap pics, which is probably why I haven’t taken step=by=step photos in like two years.

    1. Jenna

      I think I’ve gotten to the point in my step-by-step photos where taking pix doesn’t really slow me down much. But when I first started doing it, it took forever, which was especially frustrating when my stomach was growling all along!

  2. Erica

    i haven’t made this since early fall….and we loved it….I would also suggest chopping all the veggies and such finely in a food processor- it makes for an incredibly flavored sauce that is a little more complex and fantastic than with the bigger chunks of veggies, although you do lose the individual flavors of said veggies. Maybe make half-a-pot one way, and half-a-pot the other? either way, i can vouch for the intense deliciousness and crowd-pleasing triumph of this dish. My mouth is watering….

  3. 4littlefergusons

    Guess I need to work on my food photo skills, cause your level of bad isn’t even my good yet! LOL 🙂 I will take this as encouragment that indeed, with time, I will get better at it. Well that, and my kids will not always be 7, 4, 2, and 7 mos. Children DO NOT wait for mom to photo supper before ingesting it. Oh, and my kids would love this. I vote “YES” to kid-friendly. (this will save you 9 months + at least a year of tooth growing/baby food eating, before trying it out on your own future off-spring) You are welcome.

  4. Julie M.

    I’ve been doing this with my older pictures as well. Hey, it gives you an excuse to make it again, right? I checked out the recipe and I would concur that this is a kid friendly recipe. I’m thinking I’ll make it and try it out on my kids just to be sure though. 🙂 Have a great weekend!

    1. Jenna

      Thanks Julie! My next photographic-revamp project is this awesome dish called ‘mush’ that I posted about right after starting this blog. The photos are so bad I can’t even bring myself to look at them! And you’re right, it’s an excellent excuse to make it again. =)

  5. Joanne

    What do you mean, vegetables DON’T OFFSET FAT in dishes…those are the rules that I live by!

    Gorgeous photos. If I were in your Bible study group…I’d be insisting that the meetings were twice a week. And always at your place. At dinner time.

  6. The Food Hound

    Haha, most of my pictures look just like the first one you posted 🙂 I am working on my skills, I promise!! I will totally make this! You know me- I love fatty dishes, and this one looks sooooo delish! You sold me!


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