7 thoughts on “The Mama Kitty Christmas card series #5

  1. June

    Ah, yes… The ol’ family minivan… You’ll notice that the elf hats were recylced from the Xmas card of ’89…

  2. Jacquie Erwin

    The minivan! Thornwood was the street name, and check out the bare feet. It must have been fairly mild that day. Mom and Dad were the most remarkable parents ever, far beyond the idolizing eyes of the young children that we were so long ago. And yes, my mother was a ton of fun, something we came to appreciate much later in life. We were never allowed to complain about boredom–that was our own fault. Our imaginations were encouraged by the imaginations of both parents. Lonesome Jake and Pretty Kitty stories….the clothes Mom made us, how she decorated for the seasons and parties, the stories she told us when doing our hair as little girls……..


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