It snowed

Last weekened we were in northern Indiana with my in-laws. We woke up Saturday morning . . .

. . . and it had snowed.

My husband, who has been waaaay too enthusiastic about the arrival of the seriously cold weather, was pleased.

After a breakfast of sausage and eggs (courtesy of my father-in-law) and a stint on the couch with a hot cup of instant vanilla coffee, the photographic opportunities were too overwhelming to ignore. We grabbed our coats and headed outdoors.

We tromped around the yard and looked at the sights, both large . . .

. . . and small.

We shook some rapidly melting snow off the pine trees.

The line of twisting grape vines was particularly beautiful.

The sun came out, and the melting snow started falling from the trees like rain.

Within the next couple hours, the snow was completely gone. The only evidence it had been there was the slight sogginess of the yard.

The footprints we left had soon disappeared.

I love the crunchy sound our shoes made while walking across frosty pine needles.

And I loved returning t0 the cozy house afterward and reheating my mug of coffee.

Winter certainly holds joys to counteract its hardships–for every instance of cold hands, there’s the warm relief of a hot mug of cider. For each frozen foot, there’s a toasty evening snuggle under an afghan. For every cough and sneeze, there’s the untold comforts of a hearty stew.

I’m thoroughly enjoying this final week of 60 degree weather before Chicago takes the temperature plunge on Saturday. But after this enchanting Indiana snowfall, I may finally be ready . . . ready for winter!

I think.

But please don’t hold me to it.

23 thoughts on “It snowed

  1. skippymom

    Your pictures are enchanting. You have quite the talent. I would love to know what kind of camera you use. 🙂

    We had oodles, buckets…no…. we had MOUNTAINS of snow last year – a lot for our part of the world. I can’t go out in it, but I sure do love when we have it. So peaceful, so beautiful and everything comes to a standstill [I especially enjoy that b/c the kids and my hubs get to stay home! YAY!]

    I can’t wait for it here. Bring on the crockpot meals and the cocoa! Woohoo!

    1. Jenna

      Thank you! As for my camera, I use a Nikon D5000 that I got on craigslist in March of this year. It’s my first ‘adult’ camera and I LOVE it. Now if I had oodles of money I might get an even better one . . . but for now, this one is suiting my needs fine.
      I agree about the hot cocoa–I need to get that going this weekend!

      1. Twinky

        Now Just A Minute!!
        You hate the heat!!!
        May I remind you of your aircondintioner post on this very blog….!!! =)
        I for one am looking forward to the change of season, I have always loved snow, and I think this year the idea of sub-zero (F) temps are not nearly as daunting as they were for me last winter as recent arrivals back to the North from Spain, so bring it on…. well, after they pour Mama Kitty and Big Jakes new front steps and side walk next week!

  2. Circe

    I LOVE snow, there’s nothing so peaceful as a long walk in the snow. particularly because almost everyone else hates the snow and stays indoors, which makes the paths so nice and empty, and scenic. I’m so ready for snow.

    I particularly lovethe picture of the little orange leaf in the middle of the big foot print. gorgeous!

  3. Lisa

    Your photos are gorgeous! I heard it snowed in Indy last weekend and I was glad it never made it to Chicago. Loving this weather we’re having this week though!

  4. Carrie

    Lovely, lovely, lovely! I have really been basking in the weird warmer weather this week, but after seeing your pictures of snow… I might be ready for winter, too. I love the timing of the seasons, don’t you? It seems perfect. As soon as I’m craving Summer, it comes. As soon as I’m totally over the heat, Autumn arrives. As soon as I’m growing warm to the idea of Winter, it’s right around the corner. As soon as Winter’s worn my last nerve… well… Never mind that perfect timing of the seasons bit… Spring is usually way too late for my liking, but so it goes. These pictures are so beautiful, Jenna. 🙂

  5. Twinky

    Yes, my dear, your pictures are exceptional! I, too, love the footprint ones. Have you considered making them into posters and marketing them right here???

  6. Megan

    SNOW! I love winter! Can’t wait. It’s not too cold over here right now, but the leaves are beautiful! I can’t wait for snow and hope we get piles and piles of it again this year! Great pictures too.


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