Photo shoot with Vessie

I spent this past Labor Day weekend in Virginia with one of my best friends, Vessie. There was laughter, there was wine, there was sushi. There was sunbathing, dancing, and movie-watching. It was lovely. There’s nothing like a girls-only weekend.

We did a mini photo shoot on my last morning there, and here are some of my favorite pictures. I’m also happy to announce that after playing around in Photoshop, my color-to-black and white processing skills have greatly improved! Last week I posted some black and whites of my sister and cousins’ wives that I wasn’t 100% happy with–I wasn’t quite getting the effect I wanted. With these pictures, I am getting much closer. Aaaaah. I love progress.

 I loved using black and white to highlight the contrast between her pale skin and the dark lipstick and black dress. She has such a stunning profile–elegant but also slightly impish.

Look at the curve of her neck–beautiful!

 Of course, the pictures that I left in color highlight her blue eyes.

In the shot below the line of the shadow/light runs almost parallel to the neckline of her dress. I wish I could say it was intentional . . . but it was just a happy accident. Next time I’ll know to look for that effect.

There are so many shots I love I am completely paralized at the idea of choosing a favorite . . . how about the rest of you? Any that jump out?

Does this picture say “country singer” to anyone else?


 I especially love the pictures that capture her laugh. So natural and free! (and photogenic)


Happy Wednesday friends!

6 thoughts on “Photo shoot with Vessie

  1. Erica

    Vessie, you are beautiful. Wow. Your skin is perfection, and i LOVE your profile.

    Good work capturing her beauty, Jenna! I love the black and white right under the part where you ask if any jump out. The creaminess of her skin contrasted with the black dress, the joy in her smile… perfect.

  2. Sarah

    i love the 3rd from the bottom- her lips & eyes just jump out! fabulous job. i have photoshop (thanks, IU!) and need to play around w/ it more. 🙂


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